Let Us Begin

I mostly do not write to propound political or economic or societal or religious views. I write to share moments of this life on earth that might intrigue another of you as they do me, or might surprise, or might please, or evoke laughter, awe, a smile, once in awhile a tear. Sometimes something just pokes its face inside my head and sidles down my arm, into my fingers and out onto the keyboard, leaps into the space that electronic communications fill, and to you, if you choose to reel in what those electronic waters are running past you at your moments along their shores.

Today though I have this to say: Let us begin to value being. (what is that called when the letters of a word rearranged are another? anagram? yes. begin being. Let us begin to value being. What is it called when a word or phrase spoken sounds just like another word phrase? homophone? yes let us lettuce.) lettuce bottoms a setting, and on it is built many a salad, which comprises such a mix and is the beauty of its own eclecticism; let us enjoy from the bottom up that which surrounds us, that which is life as we know it, unpredicted, unpredictable, an adventure of no certain outcome. Let us find its good base, and climb up what this base holds firm and sing a melody, discordant or concordant, harmonized, multivariant, however it grows and merges, let it, let us.

We were made good. Let us let good be; let us begin being good. Every element was made good, and for good (both meanings — for the purpose of good, and for all time. what is that called — both are a noun, one is moral one is computational, and yet each one impacts the other. How to think of this? Each one, made good, impacts the other. But did begun-good/made-good stay good or become not?

This begins several photographs of a long downed, but still growing, and while growing supporting others’ growth, Silver Maple in the Concord River in Lowell.
Same root mass and fallen but growing Silver Maple, viewed from its foot rather than side. Notice the bricks it encases, which came with it from the wall on which I stand to take these pictures, and which, once, had been the limits to which the Silver Maple’s roots were permitted to spread, so they saw options, and grew sideways.
Out of the dirt that clutches the downed Silver Maple, that undoubtedly was downed in part because the wall did not permit its roots to plant as efficaciously as they needed, grow new Silver Maples and another infant tree, not sure, perhaps an ash?
A view that better shows the length of this tree and its continued health, its tenacity, as you can see by the abundant green leaf canopy at the top of this photograph. I should tell you, the river is very, very low right now due to the dryness that has prevailed of late. When it rises, this tree is often struck by the rushing waters along this rapids. Still it prevails.
And, just to complete this story, flush against the rock in the center top of this picture are some of the 10 ducklings who, with their mother, spent this moment with me. May we spend moments with one another however we got here, whoever we are, whenever we cross paths, whatever our destiny, being IN each other’s company, revering it, sharing it, receiving it, and being it.

Why, oh, why from the bottom of slopes do slopes slant so steeply up; for some? All start at 0, creation ensures it. Why are some ascendants’ adventures so beleaguered, cratered in the slipped-foot gashes of others? Why is not a hand to help held out, tilted to be caught into, cupped to carry? Why instead a fist, uncoupled, ungraspable? Why is good so difficult to accomplish, so unoffered? Thus in time, derelict, unreceived?

And, yet, it is not impossible. The answer to my question above the photo story, my question asking: But did begun-good/made-good stay good or become not? Both. Let us together remove ‘become not’ (good)’ from the experience of life.

Author: Kate Hemenway

I like to explore, to observe. I like to be within what is around. There is always something to wonder about and to ponder. There is always something.. My favorite ways to get to places are bicycling and walking; or reading, or thinking, or asking. Please feel free to ask back, as I continue to wonder out loud, express joy or concern, or, sometimes, talk through my hat.

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